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    WATERBOMB is an iconic summer festival hailing from South Korea, and it will be making its way to Singapore for the first time! With the hottest K-pop, K-hiphop and EDM acts, WATERBOMB promises electrifying live music performances combined with the thrill of water games! Attendees can look forward to a non-stop 7-hour party that promises to be the highlight of the year.
  • When and where is WATERBOMB SINGAPORE 2024 happening?
    It will be happening on the 24th and 25th August 2024 at Siloso Beach, Sentosa.
  • What is the minimum age to attend the festival?
    The minimum age to attend the festival is 18. Attendees may be required to show a valid photo ID at the entrance. Our festival security goes by DATE OF BIRTH so entrance is granted to anyone who turns 18 on 24 Aug 2024 and 25 Aug 2024 respectively.
  • What is the doors open time for the festival?
    Doors open time will be announced closer to date.
  • How do I get to WATERBOMB SINGAPORE 2024?
    By Train: Take the train on the North-East Line (NEL), alight at Harbour Front MRT station and head to the third level of Vivo City where the Sentosa Express is located. By Sentosa Express: Alight at Beach Station and take the Beach shuttle By Public Bus: Board Bus 123 and alight at Beach Station and take the Beach Shuttle By Beach Shuttle: Alight at Siloso Beach Nearest Car Park: Beach Station Car Park
  • What is the artist's lineup?
    The artiste lineup will be announced at a later date. Please stay tuned to our social media platforms for more event details. Facebook: Waterbomb Singapore Instagram: Waterbomb Singapore
  • Are food and drinks allowed at the festival?
    No outside food and drinks are allowed. There will be F&B booths available at the festival with diverse choices to enhance your festival experience.
  • What are the food and drinks available on site?
    The F&B menu will be available nearer to the event date. Please stay tuned to our social media platforms for more event details. Facebook: Waterbomb Singapore Instagram: Waterbomb Singapore
  • Can I bring a tent or umbrella for shade?
    Tents or umbrellas are prohibited due to safety and sightline concerns.
  • Can I smoke inside the venue?
    Dedicated smoking zones will be marked inside the venue.
  • Can I take pictures or videos at the festival?
    Personal photography and videos are allowed on mobile phones, but professional photography are only allowed for media.
  • Will there be official press photography and videography on the show day?
    The official press will be present on both show days. Please be advised that attending the festival permits your image to be used by the media.
  • Can I bring my own water gun?
    No water guns are permitted, all water guns are to be purchased at the merchandise booth.
  • Are there enough washrooms on-site?
    There are ample washrooms located throughout the festival site.
  • Is there a limit on clothing or shoes?
    There’s no strict limit on clothing or shoes, but we encourage comfortable, weather-appropriate attire.
  • Can I charge my phone on-site?
    Yes, portable chargers will be available on-site at a fee.
  • What if I’m not feeling well during the show?
    If you feel unwell, please visit one of our medical stations immediately.
  • Is this a rain-or-shine event?
    Yes, our festival is a rain-or-shine event, and we're prepared for various weather conditions. However, in the event of CAT 1 weather conditions, for the safety of our attendees, artists, and staff, the festival will be temporarily halted until it's safe to resume. Please note that in such circumstances, refunds will not be given. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in ensuring a safe environment for everyone.


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